Resource semaphore waits/queries not running when there is seemingly enough memory for them to run

•Resource Semaphore checks for waiting queries in its queue.
•If it finds a waiting query, it puts the new query into a wait queue for fairness.
•The wait queue is designed on first-come-first-served basis with small weight to favour small queries.

Small queries are classed as queries requesting than 5MB

Example: if there is 10GB memory free on the server then the following will happen

•A query requesting 11GB is executed it will wait for memory to become available with a resource_semaphore wait
•A query requesting 1GB is then executed, it will see that the above query is already waiting and so go into the queue. This query is not small (not less than 5MB) and there is already something in the queue ahead of it so the query will also go into resource_semaphore wait status.

The query goes into a wait status despite there being enough memory available for the query to run because 1. queue is first come first served 2. Query is not classed as small


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